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Volt Bicycles

Volt Bicycles

Limited edition - whilst stock lasts - The new Metro Blue is a multifaceted foldable e-bike that accommodates a wide range of riders. To date, it is one of the most popular electric bikes in our range. It’s popularity...

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Limited edition - whilst stock lasts - The new Metro Blue is a multifaceted foldable e-bike that accommodates a wide range of riders. To date, it is one of the most popular electric bikes in our range.

It’s popularity is largely down to its convenience and diverse appeal. Although compact when folded down, the Metro features some revolutionary components. A powerful 250 watt SpinTech™ motor allows you to traverse busy cities without breaking a sweat or climb a steep country road with ease.

Controlling the sophisticated motor is our equally sophisticated SpinTech™ technology. This technology delivers an intuitive riding experience that is personalised to the rider’s own cycling patterns. This ensures optimum riding efficiency and a delightful cycle experience! Pedal assistance can be delivered at five different levels by using the conveniently placed cycle computer on the handlebars. In addition, for a fully manual ride, you can choose to switch all assistance off or take a breather and power the bike using the thumb throttle located next to the handlebar grip.

This advanced technology and motor are powered by Panasonic’s patented high-energy-density lithium ion cells. Costing just five pence to charge, the battery can provide pedal assistance in excess of fifty miles. A battery upgrade is also available which offers a further 20% in range. Other useful features include Shimano Alivio 8 speed gears and Kenda puncture resistant tyres.

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